Member Testimonials

"My husband and I have both found the videos extremely useful, clear and informative. We weren't able to get onto a local NCT course and our NHS-run course only starts a few weeks before my due date. As a first time mum who may have to be induced early in any event, this was causing me some panic! Both my husband and I now feel much better informed, calmer and in control thanks to the videos. We have also appreciated the convenience of being able to watch and re-watch the videos in our own time and at our own pace, as we both have demanding jobs and work long hours. Thank you for providing this excellent service - it has been a godsend for us." Caroline


"The detail was incredible and the tone was perfect, covering absolutely every aspect of birth and (the more controversial one) pain relief options factually and in a balanced way...full review by" Darika


"The first time I saw Antenatal Online I just thought, why was this not here 12 years ago when I had my first child!  I was very ill when I was pregnant.  I had suffered a series of strokes and was in a wheelchair, which made antenatal trips a chore.  I just wanted all the facts, presented in a friendly and easy to understand way.  This is what Antenatal Online brings to the world of pregnancy and antenatal care.   Easy to understand facts and clearly explained videos. Well done all at Antenatal Online for providing such a fantastic service!" Sally


"The videos provided me with information not shared by my NHS midwife. Brilliant series all round! All of the videos are clear and concise without being patronising. It's great that you can go back and watch them as many times as you wish - often with group classes you don't remember all of the information given to you at the time." Tracey


"Feels like a one-to-one class, very personal. It was useful to be able to watch the videos at my own pace and at times that were convenient to me." Naomi


"Thank you so much for this site. It is 14 years since my last pregnancy and I felt quite shocked when my midwife told me that only first time mums could sign up for antenatal classes. I have found your site very reassuring and encouraging. If only my midwife had the time and interest in me that this website has provided." Denise


"The midwife in the videos was very helpful - she taught me a lot that I wasn't aware of, even after two babies!" Hannah


"...My partner also found the videos interesting. He will be a first time dad and despite claiming he doesn't want to know what goes on in the delivery room actually found it very helpful. The videos have certainly encouraged me to believe in my body and it's ability to give birth to my baby without the need for intervention, more so than the "normal" antenatal classes I had when pregnant with my daughter... Full Review by Parent Panel," Parent Panel


"I can't recommend Antenatal Online highly enough. It was interesting for me to watch the videos as I did a traditional class for my first baby (18 months or so ago) and am now pregnant with number two. I learnt more from 10 minutes of the 1st AO video than I did on my entire course! It's so informative and I like how the midwife manages to be very matter-of-fact but reassuring and encouraging at the same time." Katherine


"Antenatal Online has proved to be an absolute godsend for me. I live in a place where antenatal classes are non-existent and so I was overjoyed when I found out that there was such a thing as classes online as well as support from midwives through the site. Even if antenatal classes were available here (British Virgin islands) I think I still would have chosen antenatal online for the well broken down and concise (I think the longest video is about 25 minutes long) classes, the familiar british accents and interviews with real mothers. They are very accessible and informative without being condescending! My husband and I watched them together at a time that suited us, in the comfort of our own home and there is no limit on how many times you watch each video. I never had to contact a midwife after watching any of the videos because any questions I had were answered in the same or subsequent videos." Alice