Why use a doula


Information that is provided by doulas in terms of choices available to couples during labour and birth is not easily accessible elsewhere.  It's often about getting a woman's head around the labour process, reframing the experience for her so she enters her labour in the best possible frame of mind.  Ensuring the woman is well informed and empowered, with confidence in her body's innate ability to birth her baby.

Research shows that having the support of a doula during birth reduces the incidence of caesarean section, the numbers of epidurals requested, the incidence of instrumental delivery, increases the rate of breastfeeding and reduces postnatal depression:

  • Up to 50% shorter labours;
  • 50% less pain medication requested (including 6 x less epidurals);
  • Up to 51% reduction in caesarean births;
  • A third less use of forceps;
  • Less postnatal depression;
  • Newborns breastfeed more easily.

Source: Klaus, Kennell, Klaus 2002