I feel so tired, is this normal?

Most pregnant women feel an overwhelming tiredness in the early stages of pregnancy. In the first 12 - 16 weeks it can be so overpowering that you may need to have a nap during the day. If you cant do this because you are working, or have young children, try to make time to sit down in a comfortable chair with your feet up occasionally and go to bed early. Ask for help with household chores /childcare. This profound tiredness should pass after 16 weeks.

It is also normal to feel tired towards the end of pregnancy. This is partly due to the exertions required simply to carry on with the normal daily routine whilst heavily pregnant. It may also be attributed to disturbed sleep at night, caused by indigestion, frequency of urine, and the babys movements.

If you dont feel more energetic in the mid-trimester, or if you remain exhausted despite resting as much as possible, see your GP or midwife as you may be anaemic.