Frequency of Urine


I need to pass urine all the time, is this normal?

In early pregnancy, the growing uterus tends to squash the bladder slightly, so it is very common to have to pass urine more frequently. By about 16 weeks, the uterus has risen up out of the pelvis and the bladder has more room again, so the symptoms should ease.

However, towards the end of pregnancy, when the baby's head moves down into the pelvis, increased pressure on the bladder can cause frequency of urine again. This often means getting up to go to the toilet during the night as well.

What should I do about it?

This is a very common symptom in pregnancy, and as long as you dont feel unwell, there isn't anything special you need to do. Cutting down on tea and coffee may help [caffeine can irritate the bladder], but it is important to continue to drink good amounts of water to help prevent urine infections.

How will I know if I have a urine infection?

Your urine will be checked at each antenatal appointment and if you have an infection it can be detected, so remember to take a urine specimen with you at each visit.

If you have any of the following symptoms between antenatal appointments, you should contact your GP:

  • stinging or burning on passing urine
  • noticing that the urine looks cloudy or has a strange smell
  • feeling that you cant empty your bladder properly.

Outside of office hours, or if these symptoms are severe, particularly if you are feeling unwell, vomiting or have a fever, you should contact the maternity unit for advice.