Choosing a doula


You can find a list of doulas in your area at, just click on the find a doula page to search for a doula near you (alternatively go to 

Make sure you have a look around the doulas personal pages or websites and perhaps give your favourites a call for a chat. 

Make sure they're available around your due date and ask how much they charge, then invite those you like to an interview.  This is really for you to find the doula you just click with, who you and your partner would be happy to share 24 hours or more with.

The doula you eventually choose may not always be the most experienced doula or the one nearest to you - you'll just know when you find her. Once you have decided it's best to book her before she gets booked up.   

Be honest with her about your hopes and fears.  Be flexible in your approach and to her suggestions.  And don't expect your doula to wave a magic wand - your birth is in your hands. The doula just helps you realise that you can do it all on your own! 

This information was provided by Belinda Neal, an experienced doula who works in the Kent area, for more information go to