If you have any kind of bleeding in pregnancy, contact your maternity unit for advice. The questions you are asked, and the advice you are given will depend very much on your stage of pregnancy and the type of bleeding that you describe.

It is important to tell them if you know that your blood type is Rhesus negative [this will be written in your maternity notes]. If you are over 23 weeks pregnant you may also be asked if you have a low lying placenta, [you will have been told about this at your anomaly scan].

If you have very heavy bleeding [e.g. bright red blood actively running down your legs, or passing clots] you will need to phone for an ambulance.

Even in an emergency it is really important that you take your maternity notes with you to the hospital, so always keep them with you. If you have used pads / towels to soak up the blood, then it is helpful if you bring these with you as well, so that the amount of blood loss can be estimated more accurately.