Your Birth Plan


When it comes to giving birth, things don't always go exactly according to plan. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have an idea of how you want your experience to be. Writing a birth plan is a great way of letting everyone involved in your care during labour know what's important to you. Having your wishes for your labour and birth written down can also help your birth partner, so that they know what to expect and can prepare for supporting you and backing up your decisions, should the need arise.

Our interactive birth plan tool lets you create a record of all the things that are important to you when thinking about your labour and birth and the care of your newborn. Select the things that matter to you from the checklist and we will create a personalised birth plan that can be printed off and shared with your midwife.

While it is important to have an idea of how you want your birth experience to be, remember your birth plan is not meant to be a script that has to be rigidly stuck to. Birth can be unpredictable and so it is always best to try and keep an open mind and above all, be flexible!

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