Birth Choices

Which? Birth Choice (
- offers information and support to women to help them decide where to have their baby.

Doula UK ( - The largest association for doulas in the UK, providing information about the work of doulas, pregnancy and labour in addition to doula directory.

Hypnobirthing UK ( - official site for hypnobirthing in the uk gives information about hypnosis, labour and childbirth and how to find your nearest Hypnobirthing class.

Natural Birthing ( - offering hypnobirthing programmes that help with conception and support couples through pregnancy, delivery and into the postnatal period.

Hypnotherapy Directory ( - a great site which answers commonly asked questions about hypnotherapy and allows visitors to search for hypnotherapists in their local area.

Homebirth Kits ( - a lovely site offering all you need to help you create the perfect environment for your homebirth.

Homebirthers and Hopefuls ( - excellent comprehensive resource for those of you considering homebirth.

Birthing for Blokes ( - advice, support and birth preparation classes for dads-to-be.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Network ( - an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women.

Lactation Consultants Great Britain ( - promotes and supports breastfeeding and lactation issues. Useful database of lactation consultants in the UK.

Mary Griffiths Breastfeeding Help ( - an experienced lactation consultant providing breastfeeding help, advice and support in the south of England.

Complementary Therapies

Expectancy ( - definitive source of information on the safety of complementary therapies in pregnancy and childbirth.

Tiny Touches ( - offering a range of services for parents during pregnancy, births and the months following, including massage for labour and baby massage.

Kings Hill Osteopathy ( - offering cranial osteopathy and support for women both during pregnancy and postnatally.

Therapy Directory ( - useful articles on the benefits of complementary therapies and a search facility to help you find a therapist in your area.


BabyCentre UK ( - online resource for new and expectant parents.

Mumsnet (
- parenting news and advice, reviews, book club and webchats.

Netmums ( -  a unique local network for mums and dads offering parenting information, activity ideas and local forums to network with parents in your area.

General Links - The Truth About Motherhood After 40 ( - online community to empower all women on the journey of motherhood after 40. A Child after 40 online offers support and free “Ask our Expert" educational forums on midlife motherhood—from fertility, ART, pregnancy, birth or adoption, to parenting after 40.