How long can I leave my baby in a car seat?

The suggested time from most manufacturers is no longer than 20 minutes in one position. Newborn babies shouldn't be made to travel much but there may be a long journey you have to take. Try and take regular breaks and take the baby out of the car seat so it doesn't remain in one position for too long.

Where do I register my baby?

You can register your baby at your local registry office and you will be provided with information about registering the birth when you leave hospital. If you are married to your partner you do not have to accompany him or vice versa, but if you are not married you will have to attend together if you want the documentation to be completed with your partner's name. Make sure you are both sure of the chosen names for your child because once this is done it cannot be changed. You have 6 weeks to register your baby's birth.

How do I apply for child benefit?

The forms that you complete and send are in the 'Bounty' bag. This is handed out to you in hospital. Alternatively, you can apply on line