Happy Father's Day

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It is true to say that my beloved husband sometimes drives me crazy. He is incapable of spotting crumbs, he seems to feel that we have a self-cleaning bathroom and he mistakenly believes that our bedroom floor is some kind of wardrobe. Our 92 year old neighbour can often be found teetering down the drive, heaving our overflowing dustbins behind her as he has forgotten that this is the one household task that he does manage with (some) regularity. But this is of course the nature of marriage - a million things that irritate the hell out of us but which we decide we can live with because the good stuff outweighs it.

I rarely tell him how much I appreciate himÖto be fair I am too busy sweeping away crumbs and picking up pants. In honour of Fatherís Day however, I have decided to present for you now his official list of said good points:

  1. He can build Lego: Give me a box of Lego and I literally have nothing to offer Ė not a single idea. Mainly I make a house. Sometimes said house has a garage. Oh the crushing disappointment. This morning I came down to find that Victoria Station had been recreated in our dining room. Thankfully one of us is nurturing creativity;
  2. He is gentle: He is big and strong and testosterone fuelled - put him on a sports field and he is aggressive in a way I just donít recognise but with the kids he is nothing but gentle and kind. And he likes to hug and isnít afraid to cry. Our son will learn how to be a man from the men in his life and I want him to know itís ok to express how he feels;
  3. But he enjoys rough play: He makes them giggle and scream, rugby tackles them and lets them ride on his back. I am handy with a jigsaw. At a push I might be persuaded to put together something resembling a cake. I like that someone can make them laugh until they are breathless;                                                            
  4. He listens: He spent many years whilst living with his mother perfecting the art of giving the illusion of listening but now and again he gives a relevant answer so letís assume he is actually taking stuff in. He listens to me endlessly outpouring my various lunatic concerns. He talks to the children and is interested in their world;
  5. He knows where the stars go at night: What on earth would I do without Google? I would of course ask Daddy. I know at some point I did learn why rainbows form and how to solve a quadratic equation but I canít find it in amongst the information regarding the next swimming lesson or my list of tricks for getting a child to eat a foodstuff that isnít beige;
  6. He likes sport: I have never before expressed this as a positive! I personally would not touch a team sport with a barge pole but I want my kids to be active, sociable and involved;
  7. He is a feminist: He respects women and believes his little girl can be anything she chooses. Conversely when his 4 year son paints his toe nails purple and asks his daddy what he thinks he expresses nothing but delight;
  8. He is consistent:  Above all we can rely on him not to let us down. He is safe and calm and makes us all feel loved.

So Happy Fatherís Day - you might constantly try to tell me what happened in the latest Test, you might leave our kitchen looking like a warzone after making a simple sandwich, but we are incredibly lucky to have you.




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