Class 1: Active Birth


"Both my husband and I now feel much better informed, calmer and in control thanks to the videos. We have also appreciated the convenience of being able to watch and re-watch the videos in our own time and at our own pace, as we both have demanding jobs and work long hours. Thank you for providing this excellent service - it has been a godsend for us."
Caroline, first time mum

Giving birth is one of the most natural things in the world but even so, it is completely normal to feel nervous about what is going to happen during the birth and how you will cope with your labour.

Our experienced NHS midwives believe that if you understand what happens at each stage of the labour and birth process then you will feel more in control, less anxious and more able to cope. This in turn will help you to have a more relaxed and easier labour.

Our active birth class will:

  • Help to reduce the anxiety that some parents-to-be feel around giving birth
  • Explain the signs and stages of labour
  •  Give you a full understanding of how your body works during labour and birth
  • Explain your pain relief options – whether you are thinking of pharmacological or natural pain relief
  • Answer all your questions from `How will I know I am in labour’, `When should I call the midwife?’ to `Do I need a birth plan?’
Our classes are perfect for busy parents-to-be – watch them whenever and wherever you like and as many times as you need to. Our midwives are also on hand should you have any questions or worries.

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11 videos covering all aspects of labour and birth including the mechanics of giving birth, relaxation and pain relief options.